Project Considerations

When you put in new construction patio doors, consider the swing direction that best complements your space. Generally, patio doors are available in in-swing, out-swing or sliding operation. If you are limited on space, sliding patio doors might best. They do not require ample space around the door to accommodate the swing direction.

When you are building a new home, consider choosing a patio door that complements your architectural style.

V400 sliding patio doors

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors fit into a variety of styles and are a great solution for transitioning to the outdoor patio area. They maintain the integrity of the architectural style while ensuring a functional and sturdy option.

in-swing patio doors

Swinging Patio Doors

A great match for traditional architecture such as colonial and Victorian style homes. Swinging patio doors allow greater ventilation as traditional architecture often has tighter spaces rather than an expansive open floor plan.


Moving Glass Walls

A growing trend in many homes is operable glass wall systems that invite in sweeping views of the outdoors. Moving Glass Walls keep the focus on the view, rather than the entrance. Because of its floor-to-ceiling glass opening, Moving Glass Walls can easily enlarge the perceived size of a space and are a great option for smaller, contemporary style home. Milgard AX550 Moving Glass Walls come in standard and custom sizes.